We are very excited to have this online space for our community!  To ensure a pleasant and rewarding experience for all of our members, we ask that you use this site in a constructive way.  Please consider the following as you use the Association’s online community:

  1. Respect others, respect yourself.  We have many ways to connect with each other.  As individuals, we each hold our own beliefs, thoughts, and opinions.  Let’s respect each other and engage in constructive dialogue.  It’s ok to disagree, but we ask you to do so kindly.  Profanity and personal attacks are not permitted.
  2. Post useful OD-related discussion topics.  As an OD-oriented organization, we love to hear about new theories, research, jobs, and events.  When you hear of this information, please share it with the community.  We also enjoy staying connected with our peers in the field, especially our fellow cohort members and faculty.  Let’s keep in touch!
  3. Avoid spam.  Our inboxes get filled with junk all the time.  We hope that the Association will not be a source of that junk, and so we ask for your help.  If you notice spam messages–such as those that are not related to OD, the MSOD program, staying connected, or similar topics, please let us know.  We try hard to respect your inbox, and hope that we can help each other do the same.
  4. Keep current on membership dues.  The website has been one of the largest expenses for the Association.  While we have taken steps to reduce the costs of running our online community, we still need funds to operate our organization.  We rely on your annual membership dues and donations to keep the lights on and the website operational.  For this reason, we restrict most content on the website to current members who have paid their dues for the year.  In the future, we hope to also increase our contributions to the Segal-Seashore Fellowship Fund, offer more training programs, and provide you with additional resources.  But, we can only do so out of the generosity of our community.
  5. Tell us how we can improve.  We’ve assessed input from member surveys, personal meetings with our members, and our own experiences using the website.  If there’s something you’d like us to add or change on the website, or to any of the Association’s offerings, please let us know!

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