Now that we have a new website, there are a couple of things that we would like you to do to make your experience on the site as meaningful as possible.

  1. Join or Renew Your Membership.  If your membership has lapsed, or if you have not yet become a member of the Association, you will be unable to take advantage of the plethora of resources available to our members.  By joining or renewing, you will gain access to a growing OD job board, resources for OD practitioners, and a lively OD discussion board.  If you are unsure whether your membership is current, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help out.  If you would like to renewal, follow the instructions on our user manual on how to renew your dues.
  2. Reset Your Password.  When we moved to the new site, all accounts and discussion board posts were migrated from our old site.  However, your password was not maintained.  For your security, we recommend changing your password regularly to ensure unwanted individuals do not gain access to your account.  If this is your first time logging into your account on the new website, we can send you a new, temporary password if you haven’t received it already.  You will then need to log in and change your password.  Instructions for that can be found in our user manual.
  3. Update Your Profile.  Keeping your profile up-to-date will help other students, alumni, and faculty of the Program to connect with you when they find a match between your profile and their interests.  Using our member directory, fellow cohort members or professors can try to reconnect, and students and new OD practitioners within our AU MSOD community can seek assistance from seasoned professionals in the niche that they find most intriguing.  Only information you share in your profile is accessible, and only current members of the Association will be able to view your profile.  Check out the user manual for instructions on how to manage your profile details.
  4. Post to the Discussion Board.  Our members tell us the number one benefit of being in the Association’s community is having access to the discussion board.  Keep the conversations alive by posting a new topic, or replying to an existing post.  You can post anything OD related, and we encourage you to connect with other professionals, share learning opportunities, and help each other grow professionally.  Find out more about posting to the discussion board in our user manual.