1. ROSS – give Brett Groupsite access – Done
  2. ROSS & BRETT – Sign Agreement – Done
  3. ORG -Get PayPal Extensions – Done
    ORG –Set up sandbox – Done
    ORG -Set up trial period for student membership = 1 year @ $25 – Done
    ORG -Set up standard recurring subscription = 12 months @$45 – Done
    ORG -Copy settings to real PayPal account and update WP-Members Subscriptions settings
    ORG -Add PayPal Donate button for real account (SSFF, Association general fund, etc.)
    BRETT – set up so the user can see if they have not completed payment after initial registration (i.e.: they forgot)
  4. BRETT -Fix Forum settings for local build – port 80 instead of current port? – N/A
  5. BRETT – Nice to Have – add Display Name to profile page
  6. BRETT – Can we ensure that the widget on the forum persists on all topic and forum pages?  It seems it only shows on the high-level/parent pages
  7. BRETT – I’m having issues getting the “trial” membership to work with Subscriptions/PayPal – I can’t seem to figure out a way to select the “trial” membership option when registering.  Also, when I register but don’t pay, I can’t seem to log into the site – it says login failed in the local env. – Done
  8. BRETT -Change membership type labels from “trial” to “student” and other one to “alumni & faculty”??? – Done
  9. BRETT -Change CSS on member directory to show smaller fonts???
  10. BRETT – add ability for people to opt in/out when a FORUM post is published.  Can it be done?
  11. BRETT – ensure social-media sharing buttons are on the actual topic in the forum
  12. BRETT – Ensure WP-Members Directory looks at Avatars (see the user manual to add a Hook) – Done
  13. BRETT -Add data labels to member profile???
  14. ORG -Add content to each page: home page (build out and add photos), profile, directory, etc. – Done
  15. ORG -Set up sidebar widgets – Done
  16. ORG -Set up footer – Done
  17. ORG -Add logo and ensure color scheme matches – Done
  18. ORG -Update email & validation settings for WP-Members & Subscriptions – Done
  19. BRETT -Migrate discussion board data & test forums
  20. ORG -Set up MailChimp plugin for WP-Members – Done
  21. BRETT -Migrate member data
    ORG – Set each current member to have membership access until their due date
    ORG – Set up Board member info in Team plugin and link to their profile
  22. BRETT – change default Forums setting to “contributor” when member joins (double check correct setting – seems to be broken)
  23. ORG -Set up Google Analytics and Social Media API keys
  24. ORG -Add Amazon reading list to the Resources with links to books (set up account) so we can bring in extra funds
  25. BRETT – Set up test site – Done
  26. ORG -Test site with users
  27. BRETT – Transfer site to auntl.org domain (add WooDojo notice that site is down if possible, with expected up date)
  28. BRETT & ORG – go live!

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